Filthy Rich

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Anonymous said: do you ever get jealous in your relationship? i do and its the worst and it ruins everything how do i help myself not get jealous and just be calm and confident??? please help a girl out

Then I was like:


Yes/no, lemme explain.

So I use to be an extremely jealous person in my relationship past but since then i have learned that jealousy in a relationship is not always JUST your fault. This may not always be the case but often there is something the significant other isn’t doing or IS doing that causes you to become worried/ jealous. To strengthen my relationship and keep the monster of crazy yandere jealousy in check, i follow this cute acronym I made called CART!

C : communication/confidence. This is so important, if you are feeling jealous, COMMUNICATE GIRL! Don’t feel ashamed, jealousy is such a normal and human thing but without communication it can become unhealthy. Always have confidence when speaking to your significant other, or anyone for that matter when approaching a situation. When you have confidence in yourself jealousy may still be there, but it is less likely to be ass strong. Dont go sizing yourself up, but be confident in your relationship!

A : action. After you’ve communicated the issue take action! Talk to your significant other about different ways you can help deal with the situation.

R : respect. Always respect your partner, I can’t stress that enough. No matter how jealous you are, dont ever look through their things, lash out, accuse, or name call. This can drive a wedge between two lovers and make the situation worse.

T : Trust. If you are with someone you can not trust, you really need to reevaluate the relationship. Why stay with someone after you’ve already communicated, took action, and have respect for them?

If CART fails, this may be a personal issue. I suggest you really dig deep and find what it is that causes this jealousy. We all have it, I even get jealous from time to time but I refuse to let it push me and my love apart. If you love your man, have confidence in that love.

-Hoped this was informative sweetiepie! Definitely helped me and my love, I hope my psych skills will help you haha ( ̄▽ ̄)

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